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About Us

Welcome to ScarTissue MMA

ScarTissue MMA is a new company founded in the summer of 2011  based on the straight forward principal that WE ARE FANS FIRST. We are a fightwear company that specializes in providing unique and quality products for MMA fans, fighters, gym owners, martial artists and martial arts enthusiasts. Every managing partner of ScarTissue MMA is not only a fan, but we train ourselves. We share a strong work ethic, a unique fighters' lingo and sense of humor, and a desire to represent the sport we love while being recognized for the work we do in the clothing we wear.

Two of the five partners in our company come from a Jiu-Jitsu background and run academies so we understand that when you order a gi, belt, or rashguard, our reputation for expedience and quality are inseparable from your own and imperative for your business' success as well as ours. Because of this, we are committed to constant improvements in quality, shipping, and accessibility. ScarTissue MMA gives us the opportunity to support all the fighters, girlfriends, wives, families, promoters, casual gym goers, and fans out there who are growing the sport we love and put a great new product direction out there that many fighters and fans have told us they have been looking for.

Anyone who has spent time on the mat or overcome diversity knows that the hardest part of training is to “just show up”. Having said this, our goal is not just to sell a bunch of great apparel and gear. We reach out to as many shows, events, promoters, and gyms as possible to help make this great sport what it is. We have built our company and website to be a great resource for you and not just a place to buy some cool stuff.

Every time you “just show up”, whether as a fan or to train, you are growing the sport and helping to lay the groundwork for the coming generations. There is a reason more and more people across the country are putting their kids in Jiu Jitsu and MMA classes. Recognizing this, we design high quality training gear and fightwear for everyone from the casual fan, to the kids in BJJ class, to pro fighters at the highest level. Our product line is growing month by month, so if you don’t see it up there yet, it’s probably in the works. If you want a brand that distinguishes itself from the dark gothic images with humor and relaxed confidence, we are ScarTissue MMA. Remember: the scar tissue on our bodies was earned on life's journey. It is a unique and permanent reminder of our past, a sign of resilience in the present, and a future message of hope in our ability to heal, overcome, and move forward in life. This is who we are.