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Joint Jel™ by FormaGenix®

Part Number FGXSTJJ
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Joint Jel™ by FormaGenix®
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To offer our customers the most scientifically advanced nutritional, supplement, pain and mobility products, ScarTissue has exclusively partnered with industry leader FormaGenix®.

Physician endorsed and  certified organic, Joint Jel™ is a powerful topical cream for joint pain and joint restriction. Its effectiveness is due to a unique formula that combines MSM, Arnica and Natural Menthol with Celadrin®, a patented, clinically tested, scientifically arranged matrix of all natural, esterified oils. If you're looking for joint pain relief and increased mobility, we believe Joint Jel™ is the most effective product available without a prescription, as evidenced in numerous scientific studies and presentations, including a recent University of Connecticut study found that 100% of those using the topical lotion with Celadrin experienced "significant benefit." Few other topical joint creams on the market can make that claim.

The label says it all...MOVE.  Doctors in physical medicine and rehab specialists all over the country and world preach to their patients that "motion is lotion".  Joints can be restricted by several different issues from arthritis to old tendon injuries to repetitive motion injury.  Once inflammation and pain are in the joint it becomes increasingly restrictive which causes more pain, which causes more restriction.  Joint Jel™ was formulated to stop this frustrating cycle by reducing pain and naturally restoring motion to joints without putting harsh toxins and heavy medications into the body.

Joint Jel™ is indicated if you have:

  • Arthritis
  • Old joint injuries
  • Joint pain
  • Stress Fractures
  • TMJ Dysfunction (aka Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction)
  • Difficulty moving after sitting or sleeping
  • Joint pain at the end of the day

Joint Jel™ offers the optimal results when generously applied to the area of pain in the morning immediately after showering/bathing and again at night before bed.  It can also be applied as needed when the pain is noticeable.

Joints like the hands and knees will get faster results since the active ingredients don't have as much tissue to work through.  Shoulders, necks, and hips may take longer to get positive results from but should experience significant recovery as application is continued.

  • Size: 4 oz
  • Distribution: Top Pump
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