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Total Domination™ Ultimate Training Stack

Part Number FGXSTTDS24
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To offer our customers the most scientifically advanced nutritional, supplement, pain and mobility products, ScarTissue has endorsed and exclusively partnered with industry leader FormaGenix®.

DOMINATE with Total Domination™ Ultimate Training STACK

FormaGenix® Total Domination™ All-In-One Ultimate Training Stack, like the Powder, is the most scientifically advanced formulation for attaining optimal Pre-Workout, Workout and Post Workout results. With Total Domination™you don’t need to buy multiple powder or pill products to get the ingredients you need for the energy, strength, endurance, recovery and rebuilding before, during and after high-intensity workouts. Total Domination™ is all you need to DOMINATE:



·    5 Grams (5000mg) of three energy and endurance maximizing Creatines:  Monohydrate (4450mg), Creatine HCI (300mg) and Creatine Pyruvate (150mg). Creatine helps fuel your muscles during high-intensity exercise by working at the muscular level to support strength, boost power & promote endurance and energy.

·    400mg of Arginine & 35mg of Alanine

·    Maximized Proprietary Blend of Tribulus Terrestris (1200mg), Tongkat Ali (100mg), Deer Antler (100mg) and natural Cinnamon (1000mg) for explosive energy

·    27mg of energy maximizing B-6

·    300mg of Guarana (providing 100mg of naturally occurring caffeine)



  • Optimized Ratio of Amino Acids to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and “while you train” metabolic energy
  • 700mg of Colostrum to assist in burning fat, building lean muscle, increasing stamina and vitality, and improving athletic performance
  • 1300mg of L-Glutamine to facilitate muscle intracellular Branch Chain Amino Acids metabolism
  • 9 Total Amino Acids in Proprietary Complex
  • 100mg of DHEA to help increase muscle mass, strength, and energy while boosting stamina


Post Workout Repair & Recovery


  • 5-Methyl-7-Methoxy-Isoflavone (50mg) to decrease cortisol levels,
  • 910 Grams
  • 30
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